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Transgender study

My name is Branden .  I am an adult trans guy living in Portland and I am a full-time student at USM, enrolled in the undergraduate Social Work program.   I recently took a job as a research assistant with one of the professors at school.  He is Jim Messerschmidt, a Sociology professor in the Criminology Department who is also active in the  Women and Gender Studies program.  He is the process of doing research for a book about transgender people.  The title of his study is:

He is doing interviews with transgender folks, taking oral histories.  My job is to locate  participants for the study.  The study has Institutional Review Board approval .  Participants must be willing to complete  two interviews.  The first is about 3 hours long and then if needed, a second interview to clarify things from the first interview.  The second interview should be shorter than the first.  Jim is willing to travel (within reason) to do the interview, or  the participant can meet him at the university (this is ideal).  I was interviewed myself last week.  The process was quite painless and actually very interesting to dig around inside myself. 

Ideally, participants are between 18 and 25, and began to transition before they turned 18.  With that said, let me clarify some things.  The age window is designed to draw participants who are still very much in touch with their youth and have vivid memories that they can convey; however, older subjects are welcome as long as they can be  accurate and detailed about their youth without embellishing their story.  Next, "to begin transitioning before age 18" simply means that they had some awareness that they  did not fit the mold of their assigned  birth gender and they made some sort of declaration about this, either to themselves or to someone else.  It does not mean that they had to begin medical intervention before 18. He would most like to speak to folks who span the continuum of gender expression.  They can range in expression from "tomboys" and "Sissies" all the way to people who have completely transitioned and anywhere in between.  Basically anyone who behaves or expresses their gender in a way that does not conform to the birth assigned gender.

Send me your e-mail address and I can send you a copy of the research proposal (Microsoft Word document) for you to take a look at.  I would appreciate it if you could pass along this info to folks that you may be in contact with.  If they are willing to be interviewed, they can contact me at    t_boi_blue at yahoo dot com     and we can set up an interview.  All information gathered is completely confidential and anything that may be published will be changed in such a way as to make it impossible to identify the participants. 

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you,
Branden Parker
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