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my intro

Hey everyone.
I thought I would take this time to introduce myself as its been pretty quiet around here, and well, I haven't done so yet.
I grew up in Maine a long time ago, I haven't lived in Maine for nearly 10 years, but I have family there. Family I am about to come out to. I was going to wait until I visited to come out, but it is clearly becoming more and more difficult to do this. Especially if there is going to be any closeness with my family at all. I have family in Old Town, Orono, in and around Presque Isle. and an aunt and uncle who used to live in Portland, and I lived with them for a while when I was attending the U of S. Maine. They have moved further up in the state, and I can't remember exactly where they are now.
When I was at USM, I was just coming out as a lesbian, and was one of the femmy "girls" who went to the Women's Centre whenever "she" could get there.
Living with my Aunt and Uncle was very taxing because it was hard to hide liking girls sometimes. My aunt dropped me off at the women loving women conference one time, and I panicked when I saw the sign outside for it. My uncle asked me one time if I was a lesbian. I said no, I wasn't. actually.. it wasn't a lie...LOL.
I graduated from Old Town High School in 1997, and only stayed in the area for a year or so before moving in with my boyfriend in Lewiston. It was in 1999 that I finally started attending USM and was then living with my aunt and uncle.
I have been living as a male since late spring, and I only first discovered the gender stuff in January of this year. July 1st was the first day I went by my new name, and there's been no looking back since. I've never been truly happy with anything in life or with life itself until this summer, and I am doing quite well these days.
I have just set up my first appt to see a doctor, and with it being at a queer health centre, I know things will be relatively smooth for all this.
anyway, thats about all for now, I'm really happy to find a group like this. I know that whenever I am visiting my family, or vacationing or whatever, I will not be alone in the boonies that is Maine.. ;)
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