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The Star Project

(This post is cross posted with various trans and butch/femme communities)

After doing some thinking, I've decided to start a subdomain on my
website called "The Star Project". It is something that may of us in
the 'community' have talked about doing for a long time.

Basically, the project will document people's "Star Tattoo's" and their
reasons for getting them, it will be an oral history project that will be
coupled with photography. Hopefully the site will grow with both people
I know, and people from elsewhere who have star tattoo's.

I will borrow a little 'history' from books such as "Leather Boots,
Golden Slippers: Lesbian History". And try to find the 'originating
source' of the blue/black/pink star tattoos, both here in Portland
Maine and elsewhere as it pertains to the Queer/Butch/Femme/Lesbian/
Transgender communities.

The book indicates that the star tattoo originated in Buffolo, NY
which is possible, and states that it 'started as a dare to be out'.

If you have a star tattoo and would like to be interviewed and photographed,
or if you know someone who has a star tattoo and would like to be
interviewed or photographed. Please get in touch with me. The
site will be up by the end of the week at http://starproject.nikaaskini.com .
Stay Tuned!

The Pink Star Princess
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